18+ Adult Sim

  1. All users must be 18+
  2. All characters must be 18+ and look 18+
  3. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and hate speech
  4. No metagaming, powergaming, or godmodding
    1. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic strike
  5. Keep OOC to the OOC group and IM only
  6. Respect user limits - always ask for consent
  7. 3 strikes, you’re out policy (unless accused of bullying, hate speech, or not asking consent) You get three warnings, then the banhammer.
    1. Ban evasion in any capacity will also result in an immediate ban
  8. Please do not advertise other sims/groups in our channels
  9. Our staff put a lot of time, effort and money into the sim so that people can enjoy it, and will try to be fair and open-minded when hearing you out concerning an issue, so please be respectful to them. Disrespecting or outwardly insulting a member of staff may be grounds for immediate banning.

NOTE: We reserve the right to remove 'toxic' or problem roleplayers from the community. What this means is that players who have had a dispute moderated but continue to launch smear campaigns against other players, or who are banned and found in circumvention of bans, or who are blocked and continue to harass other players will be removed. We take the general health and well-being of our RP base seriously!


The following are general rules seen about town that your character must follow, or will otherwise face in character consequences.

  1. All laws in Clifton Forge align with those of the state of Virginia. Common laws inquired about include:
    1. Concealed and open carry of firearms is permitted
    2. Marijuana is not legal medically or recreationally.
  2. There is a Masquerade against the supernatural in place.
    1. If the Masquerade is broken by any means such as revealing ones true nature or speaking about the supernatural in public, then in character consequences will follow, whether it be in the form of being hunted, being punished by a faction lead, or being placed on some mysterious watch list
  3. Only one enchanted object or spell is allowed to be equipped/used at a time.
  4. When using recording devices (cameras, microphones, etc.) you MUST put in your post that these devices are present and are intended to be used.